Since 2007, formitas specializes in integrated 3D-planning and Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Reality. Located at the RWTH Aachen University campus, as well as in Cologne, Berlin and Athens, our team consists of more than 40 employees – architects, engineers, software developers and experts of facility management and virtual reality.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is shaping the future of the construction industry. formitas has specialized in integrated 3D planning for over a decade and offers a wide range of services.


New planning methods have now been established for BIM projects, all of which require a digital management strategy. Builders, key specialist planners and BIM managers define goals, establish workflows and conclude contracts.


The integration of construction personnel on all levels is an important part of the BIM process. formitas provides experienced BIM lecturers who provide practical training and the tools for BIM CAD and BIM AVA.

Virtual Reality

formitas provides virtual reality (VR) for effectively monitoring and presenting projects. The VR-oriented processing of 3D models allows planners to view a project from all perspectives in real time.

Augmented Reality

formitas uses augmented reality (AR) to visualize 3D planning data on building sites. Using our AR application, construction site managers, project partners and team members save time through automated communicationand construction companies save money through error prevention.

BIM Management

As a part of the project management, the joint work of different trades or planners are combined in a 3D model without errors. This increases the transparency and facilitates the exchange.

BIM Consulting

The change to the methodology BIM means a change of the strategy and affects all organizational units and departments. formitas offers consulting, analysis, conceptualisation and implementation of all measures.

BIM Modeling

formitas and ist BIM services support the optimized planning and the interdisciplinary execution and management of construction processes.

BIM Development

formitas provides programmers for individual needs and specifications of planners and manufacturers. The spectrum ranges from parameterization to the integration of standardized components.

BIM Coordination

The BIM method provides a BIM coordinator responsible for the BIM performance of a planner. Often, offices are not familiar with the new ways of working. formitas offers support here.


formitas facilitates the communication of designs. Using photos and high-resolution images, real-world visualizations and realistic worlds emerge.

Algorithmic Planning

formitas provides software, that automatically generates general or specific partial aspects of buildings. Spatial, physical, psychological and atmospheric relationships are described, translated into algorithms and further developed.

IT Development

formitas develops and implements IT infrastructures. The aim is to achieve more performance and better profitability, to make projects more efficient and thus to improve the quality of the work results – for slimmer processes and more scope.

IT Service Management

formitas is oriented to the needs of users and provides IT support, server maintenance and training in software and hardware. In addition, an Internet-based journal or the in-house project planning and controlling solution “selfcon” is available.